14 signs that over the years we become introverts

We get older and more and more often notice that our habits and circle of communication are changing. If earlier we made new acquaintances easily and were ready to walk until the morning, now, having become more closed, we need solitude. This is normal – with age, many become introverts. Check if you have changed, using our checklist.

According to psychologists, introversion or extraversion is innate qualities. But „pure” types in real life are extremely few. We can be considered introverts and draw resources within ourselves, but at the same time be friendly and be able to establish contacts with others. But we can be born extroverts, but because of various circumstances to become closed.

What many researchers converge in – this is that at first, as many of us grow up, many of us become more extrovert. And there are reasons for. Firstly, growing up, we ripen internally-we accumulate life experience, we better recognize ourselves and others. We gain some self -sufficiency. We learn life lessons – sometimes painful. Learning to rely on ourselves.

Secondly, extrovert behavior in youth is due to our nature. At this age, the task of a representative of mankind as a biological species is to find a couple and give birth to offspring. And for some time we remain more open to communication and acquaintances.

But then, over the years, regardless of how personal life develops, nature “directs” our energy from the external circle to the internal, to the family. Even if our family is only we ourselves and, say, a cat.

To experience excitement (this is not about sex, but about the rise of life energy) and happiness, we no longer need to be at a noisy concert or at a party among many people. We learn self -regulation and understand the value of the minutes when we are left to ourselves. And irritants such as loud music, hum of voices, games of lights and many people quickly tire us.

Signs of „transformation” into introvert

1. The house in which you put things in order and comfort has become your „place of power”. Here you restore the supply of vital energy, and you are not bored alone with you. If you live with your family, then you need time and place to solitude to communicate further.

2. You are at work, and then a message comes from a friend who offers to meet and chat. Most likely, you will postpone the meeting and go to the family in the evening. Yes, you love your girlfriend, but you need to tune in to a meeting and conversation with her. Therefore, you prefer to make plans in advance.

3. But you do not always need pre -planned gatherings. So, you can give up the offers of colleagues on a glass on Friday evening. You have a wonderful team, but in a working week you get tired of communicating with colleagues, so you choose a society of friends, loved ones or a quiet evening alone with you.

4. The upcoming publication, at a party or a solemn event causes you more anxiety


than a joyful anticipation. You know that quickly tired of the sounds and flickering of faces and you will look for an excuse to leave there without offending anyone.

5. For the same reason, the arrival of guests for you is not the easiest event. And over the years the internal “filter” is triggered – those people that you want to see on your territory are becoming less and less.

6. A serious conversation with a friend for you is much more important than surface chatter of anything. The older you are, the less interesting to communicate „casually” – much more valuable than minutes spent by a deep conversation with significant people.

7. Going on vacation, you prefer to go with a partner or alone, and not a cheerful noisy company, as before.

8. You are much less likely to include a TV, radio or musical player, in need of silence. You are especially tired of all these shows, news with their negative anguish and scandalous programs.

9. It is more difficult for you to communicate with too emotional people, especially if it was impatient with “right now” to involve you in a violent conversation. And God forbid, if they begin to friendly with questions: “Well, you are so boiled?”

10. Flirting and the need to like the opposite floor you have much lower than before. This does not mean that you are unpleasant compliments and attention. You just are much more focused on yourself than how others accept you.

eleven. You still have friends, but you are much less likely to share with them the details of your relationship with your loved one or relatives. And not because you do not trust your environment – you simply do not feel the need to complain or, conversely, boast and receive tips. For this, you most likely have a psychotherapist.

12. Once in a new place, you will no longer be, as before, the first thing to ask for passers -by. And the reason is not only that you use a smartphone with a navigator. They are simply used to rely on yourself, and contact with strangers requires the energy that you learned to protect.

13. In recent years, the circle of your communication has changed markedly. Toxic, envious, aggressive people and those who are called „energy vampires” gradually disappear from it. Talking with them can hurt you, besides, with age, you began to appreciate your own time and mental strength to waste them on those who devastate you.

14. Perhaps there are fewer people next to you – with many who were hanging out with you 10, 15 years ago, you have long lost touch. But if life gives you interesting, close in spirit of people, you appreciate such an acquaintance. And the ability to hear yourself helps you determine whether it is a person and are you ready to get friends with him gradually.


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