How to wake up happy (even in winter)

It’s dark outside, and the alarm clock already reminds that it’s time to work. Which of us did not curse the whole world at that moment? But turning the first moments of awakening into pleasure is quite real.

There is a special condition. Between night and in the morning, between sleep and reality, between the past and the future. When I already woke up, but the eyes are still covered. And you have a minute or ten – to realize yourself in the upcoming bottom. A little bit. But these are very important moments. Because it is then that we set the program for ourselves, we turn on emotions.

But what the hell of emotion, when the window is dark, snowy, vile? In winter and children wake up gloomy. And we lie and curse: work, school of children, murderous climate. We do not want to open our eyes and get up. The most common phrase: „I would not wake up until April”.

People are very dusk and nervous in the morning. And in winter especially. Enoughs everything: that you need to turn on the light, that in the evening there are dishes, that the children are digging, and the husband sniffs too loudly with his nose. Or the wife is not as beautiful and slim as in the first year. But most of all we annoy us ourselves. Because we can’t do anything with the morning spleen and imperfection of the world.

The most frequent family discords – they are just in the morning. Terrible time. In general, I am no different from the unfortunate fellow citizens. I am also nervous and gloomy in the morning.

But there are these treasured moments – before getting up. I learned to conduct them really and include the correct „regime”.

Curse the cold and darkness is a hopeless occupation. They will not disappear. Think of unwashed dishes and dull boss is to kill a new day right away. Then it will only be worse. I’m starting to think about something completely different. Gently program yourself.

So, first of all, it is important to find something very pleasant in the upcoming bottom. It’s easy. Any nonsense. Where to go for lunch, for example? Food – she generally tones us all and invigorates. Why not in the pizzeria where such a cool tiramis? Yes exactly! There! And still take up someone pleasant. This is the whole forty minutes of pleasure, or even an hour. I am more fun.

We are all children, especially in the early morning, under the blanket, when no one still touches us and we are lying and dream

What else will be good today? Well, I’m a man, I have my own pleasures. Although I am pleased to think about clothing stores. For example, I need gloves. And what? Here I begin to think what exactly.

But while I am dumb with gloves, any woman will make a convincing list of twelve points. Including inexpensive earrings with green pebbles, which last Thursday liked so much when she accidentally looked into the jewelry. And maybe no one will go to the store today, this is not significant at all. It is important that we are looking for small high and pleasure. We are already looking for a day through the prism of green pebbles. It seems that the mood has improved markedly.

You can immediately plan the evening. Not Newton’s bin. What is there with us? Cool salad? New series? A book with children? Everything is fine, everything will fit. The bottle of wine is especially warming. Great thought, by the way. Easy drinking in a winter evening is what you need. By glass, or even two. With a friend or neighbor. With her husband, finally. The husband must not be forgotten. By the way, he also needs gloves … Oh, girls, so much trouble!

The main thing is to think only about the future. Because the future is excellent and amazing, despite the pension reform


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